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Incorporation, tax filing, financial statements, accounting and bookkeeping, work passes and visas, local directors and company secretaries, registered address, and bank account opening – you name it, we can probably take care of it. We also benchmark our pricing against all the major competitors. Our aim is not to be the cheapest, it’s to be competitive, while offering the most reassuring customer service on the market.

Our commitment to you: we’ll move heaven and earth to solve any problem you throw our way.

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The Duellix Services

Corporate Secretary
Mailroom Services
Financial Statements
Nominee Directorship
Bookkeeping & Payroll
Tax Returns
Anything Else, Literally Anything

The Duellix Services

Get your business off the ground with Duellix.

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to incorporate a company. First of all, the 17% corporate tax rate is extremely competitive, as is income tax. Also, if you become a tax resident in Singapore, you’ll benefit from the absence of capital gains tax. Even better, for three years after incorporation, companies in Singapore pay no tax at all. To establish your company in Singapore, you need to do four things: register the company name with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), appoint a local director, nominate a company secretary (these must be two different people in Singapore), and open a bank account. Our company incorporation service takes care of all of the above. This enables you to focus on what's important – running your business. We'll sort out the paperwork, apply for relevant permits, register your company secretary and director (or become them), and set you up a banking solution that suits your needs.

Every business in Singapore requires a company secretary by law.

This person ensures the company carries out its business in the appropriate manner, and remains compliant with Singapore’s rules and regulations. You can appoint your own company secretary, or we can do this on your behalf. For a competitive fee we’ll become your company secretary, draft your constitution, file your tax returns, hold the requisite number of board meetings, and ensure you tick the boxes required for your business to operate on the up and up.  

Let Duellix handle your mail.

Every company in Singapore needs a formal address. With Duellix, you can have an official company address without the need to rent or lease a physical space. As well as being your registered office, we can handle your incoming mail, either forwarding it to your current location, or sending it via email. That way you can stay on top of things even when you’re travelling.

Let Duellix sort your year-end statements.

At the end of every tax year, all companies in Singapore must either submit their accounts for audit or declare unaudited financial statements. We’ll help you select the right option, based on the status and age of your business, then generate the appropriate statements and liaise with your auditor on your behalf. Although we’ll keep you updated on everything you need to be aware of, as much as possible we’ll keep the level of distraction to an absolute minimum.

Not based in Singapore?
Not a problem.

As well as having a company secretary, to operate a business in Singapore, you’ll have to have at least one director who’s based here. Legally this person cannot be your company secretary. If you’re not a citizen or permanent resident (“a PR” in local parlance), or you’re still waiting for your work permit, we’ll become your local director ourselves. We can either serve in this capacity indefinitely, or we can transfer the local directorship to you, once you’ve obtained the right to work and a place of residence in Singapore.

Hate doing your taxes? Don’t worry.

We'll help you file your taxes on time as well as taking advantage of any local exemptions or grants that you may be eligible for. The filing process in Singapore, for both personal and corporate taxes, is relatively straightforward. Your data can all be submitted digitally via ACRA’s government portal, which should take no more than an hour. Most issues occur as a result of incorrect or missing information, but our in-house system will help you prepare, collate, and store all of the required information long before you need to file.

Looking for an easy and affordable way to manage your bookkeeping and payroll?

Look no further. Thanks to our usage-based pricing model, you can raise and send invoices, manage payroll, chase and make payments, and prepare management accounts effortlessly, all the while paying only for what you need. Our team can also assist with budgeting and financial planning, all underpinned by our commitment to providing the best customer support in the business.

Need more?

Often in business, just when you think everything is under control you’ll be blindsided by some unexpected piece of admin, change in regulations, or some other delightful challenge. We’re here for exactly those moments. Whatever it is you need, we’re here as your right hand. If we don’t no the answer immediately, we’ll leave no stone unturned to find you a solution. As business owners ourselves, we understand where your focus needs to be. Our commitment to you is, at all times, having your back.

Our Prices


Let Duellix handle the incorporation of your business.

Including government fees of S$315
Provision of Company Constitution
Can be done remotely

From S$335 / year

If you appoint Duellix as your Corporate Secretary, our fees are based on your number of shareholders:
1 Shareholder = S$335 / year
2 Shareholders = S$470 / year
3-5 Shareholders = S$540 / year
6-9 Shareholders = S$670 / year
10-20 Shareholders = S$890 / year
> 20 Shareholders = S$1350 / year

Holding of AGM
Preparation & filing of your tax returns
Incl. costs for any share issuances & transfers
Including government fees for annual filings of S$60

From S$1120/ year

At a minimum, all companies must prepare unaudited financial statements, bigger ones (>50 staff, assets / turnover of >S$10M) need an auditor. In addition, all must file tax returns. You must also register for GST if the turnover is >S$1m / year and submit quarterly filings. Our accounting  bookkeeping packages range in level of support depending the complexity of your business:

  • Essential: S$1,120 / year (Financial Statements & Tax Compliance only – excludes management accounts). If you know how to create a balance sheet and income statement and don't mind to handle your accounts yourself, then this is the package for you.
  • Lite: S$3,600 / year (Essential package plus Xero subscription, limited monthly bookkeeping and quarterly management accounts). If accounting is not for you and you only transact in SGD, then this is the package for you.
  • Premium: S$6,600 / year (Lite package plus multicurrency support, enhanced bookkeeping support). If you don't want any accounting hassle, yet still want timely overview of your accounts, then this is for you.
Bookkeeping & Dedicated Accountant
Not including XBRL report preparation (S$560)

S$1650 / year

Every company must have at least one resident director (Singaporean citizen, permanent resident or visa holder with necessary approvals) – if you don’t have one (yet), hire ours – our director will serve in that role as a nominee until you’re ready to step in yourself.

Local Director to fulfill ACRA requirement

S$330 / year

Every company in Singapore needs a formal address. With Duellix, you can have an official company address without the need to rent or lease a physical space.

An office address in Singapore
Digitalisation and forwarding of your mail
An online location to store and access your mail


Have any other piece of annoying admin you want to get rid of? Do not worry, Duellix is here for you. Contact us with your problems and we will make you a competitive offer to rid you of your headaches.