We understand that the buck stops with you.
Let it stop with us.

Somebody has to own this stuff, and in a new business or SME, it’s usually the person at the top.

Are you an expert in filing? No.

Do you excel at business administration? Probably not.

But still you’re the one who’s responsible.

The modern corporate services world is becoming known for starting well and finishing poorly. Low-cost incorporation and an enthusiastic onboarding team soon give way to underwhelming support and a “can’t do” attitude. We’re putting an end to all that.

Empower us, like a member of your team, and it’ll be off your desk permanently.

Most corporate and professional services firms avoid all responsibility. They’ll provide you with five ways to solve your problem, but always expect you to make the decision. Key deadlines are your problem, not theirs. Throw them something tricky and they’ll throw it right back at you. What business owner has time for that?

We approach things differently. We don’t exist to file your taxes when you ask us to, or to give you five possible solutions to the same problem. We take care of it.

Of course, when there’s a big decision to be made, we’ll ask. Otherwise, you’ll simply receive a report of what’s happening, when, how, and why.

The Duellix Mission

“Our Mission is to give every founder, entrepreneur & SME the best possible chance of success by taking care of admin for them and tick the necessary boxes that come with operating a business - no fanfare, just a safe, reliable pair of hands that speak the same language.”

Patrick McGonagle

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Duellix

Here’s how we like to operate – we’re human, there will be times when we fall short, the point of these values is that they’re an aspirational guide for us to live up to, empower people to decide and most importantly, act fast:

Clients first

Not just a slogan on our wall. Whether we offer a new service, design a feature, build tech, implement new processes, hire a team or choose a partner etc., our clients’ interests and outcomes are our North Star. ​

We’re not afraid to say “we don’t know”

Hit us with your most complex issues, we’ll say we don’t know but we’ll move heaven and earth to find out and give you the right answer.

Take ownership not credit

Our job is to help others – our clients, partners and co-workers – shine, not to steal the spotlight.​


If someone (anyone) trusts you to do something, show them the respect they deserve. Take responsibility, be early, deliver before the deadline and beat their expectations.​

Learn, don’t win arguments

Use Information to make better decisions not to prove a point, data and merit always trump opinions or job titles.